USB Charging From Your Power Point

In this modern day and age of smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, music devices and even GPS devices requiring daily charging, its easy to lose your power points to multiple chargers and add unnecessary clutter to your bench tops.

Shock Doctor Electrical Services, can supply and install USB chargers to your power point without the need to change your existing wiring freeing up your power points from chargers so that you can plug your USB cable straight in and start charging your iphone or ipad or any USB powered devices at top speed.

Worried about surge damage to your devices? There’s no need, the USB charging power points come with built in surge protection and over load protection so there’s no need for large surge protected power boards. USB charging power points also come in a wide range of colours and styles including stainless steel so Shock Doctor Electrical Services can match it to your existing power points and keep your place looking stylish and modern.

USB power points are perfect for offices, cafes, kitchens, bedrooms, lounge rooms and commercial premises and we can also provide dedicated charging stations without the need for the power points for charging 4 or more devices simultaneously. Call Shock Doctor Electrical Services for more information today.

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