Underfloor Heating

We’ve been busy these last couple of weeks at Shock Doctor Electrical Services learning the ins and outs of underfloor heating, and we’re hooked! After working in a luxury home on the northern beaches with under floor heating these last few cold mornings I couldn’t believe how comfortable the home was without any heating circulating through the home, this is largely due to the style of heating known as ‘Radiant’ heating as opposed to ‘Convection’ heating the kind you would get from your air conditioner.

With a fully programmable thermostat, you can have the under floor heating turn on an hour before you usually wake up in the morning so that your greeted by a toasty warm bathroom, kitchen, living room or any number of rooms you like. Ideal for anyone renovating or building from new, the installation of underfloor heating is installed prior to your concrete slab or tiled floor being laid and works great in units where the possibility of ducted air conditioning is limited with low roof levels.

After installing hundreds of meters of underfloor heating we’ve got you covered so call Paul today for all your electrical needs.


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