Smoke Detectors

How old would you say your smoke detector is? Cant remember? Did you know that its recommended that you replace your smoke detector every 10 years? A working smoke detector in your home is one of the best ways to alert you to any dangers arising from a fire but with so much choice available now where do you start?

Ionisation smoke detectors have been the staple in homes for many years now but as with everything, technology keeps progressing and so do the smoke detectors. Ionisation detectors typically react 30 minutes slower to a smouldering fire than a photoelectric detector.

A smouldering fire is the type of fire you would typically come across while sleeping from a faulty appliance or an electrical fault causing carpet, synthetic kitchen counters and mattresses to burn more slowly and smoulder.

More than half of of fire related deaths and a third of fire related injuries are caused by smouldering fires. Photoelectric detectors are far superior and are the only type of detector Shock Doctor Electrical Services will install in a home. Photoelectric detectors are also less prone to nuisance tripping and are ideal for installation almost anywhere in your home and can be inter-connected with multiple alarms so that if one alarm goes off the others will as well to alert you to the danger.

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Did you know?  – When you sleep you lose your sense of smell but not your hearing, which is why audible smoke alarms are installed.

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